Southern Forts Week: Fort Knox

13 04 2011

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’d be easier to break into Fort Knox.” Well, turns out, that popular expression comes from an actual fort, right here in our very own South.

Did you know that the United States Treasury Department has held its Bullion Depository in Kentucky since 1937? Even though the Army base operations and the U.S. Department of Treasury operate their facilities separately, the location at Fort Knox has come to mean security, impenetrable, and wealth.

Just south of Louisville, Fort Knox holds the Human Resources for the United States Army, as well as the General George Patton museum, including galleries with memorabilia and artifacts from both World War I and World War II.

If you’re in or around Kentucky, this is a great spot to pack a picnic lunch and go see some of the countries proudest history including an airfield that has been in use by both the Army and the Air Force.




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