Southern Forts Week: Fort Sumter

12 04 2011

Although growing tensions between the North and the South had been present for decades, it wasn’t until this week, in 1861, on April 12th that the Civil War began. Shots rang out at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina and when the battle was over, and the Confederate forces were victorious, the Union would try to win this historic fort back for four years. Today, the Confederate flag still waves, as a reminder of the military that once controlled this strategic fort.

Fort Sumter has had a long history before, from the Revolutionary war, and since, to World War II and today. Sumter was the first American victory over the British Navy in 1776, and encouraged the Patriots’ vision even further for their cause. It’s now owned by the National Parks service, so you and your family can visit the island and fort and experience over 170 years of history.




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