Tuesday Tip: Not Just for Men

22 03 2011

Ok, ladies… how many of you color your hair? Ok, well then, don’t raise your hand, but we know many of us do (though for me, it’s just recently switched from a cosmetic switch-it-up-for-fun thing to a cover certain, ahem, lighter shaded hair thing… but that’s a story for another day).

If you’re like me, you’ve tried several brands, and while I much prefer to sit and let someone else do it, it’s much more economical to spend an occasional evening being my own beautifier.

So, why do we automatically go straight for the girl’s aisle? Sure, there are a plethora of choices, but is that really a good thing (I can barely decide on the color, let alone brand, glaze, permanent or wash-out…)? Turn around in the aisle and you’ll most likely find another product — Just for Men. It covers those mysterious “blonde” hairs just as well, costs half as much, and lasts just as long. Plus, since men aren’t notoriously the most patient of customers, takes just a few minutes.

Give it a try next time, girls. Let’s raid the men’s aisle and see what other of “our” products are masquerading as better, when they’re really just in a pretty box.




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