Food Friday: It’s Better Than a Mango Even

11 03 2011

All this island talk this week has me craving island food — spicy crawdads, coconut, shrimp, and mangoes.

Truth be told, while I love a great mango salsa, I wasn’t too familiar with what else to do with a mango. But they’re juicy, sweet, and delicious. So that’s a shame… let’s learn a little today about mangoes, shall we?

  • Choose mangoes with yellow skin, blushed with just a little red, and no dark spots. A larger fruit will give you more fruit to seed ratio.
  • If you don’t want to eat it right away, a green color means it’s not quite ripe yet. Place unripe fruit in a paper bag for a couple days to ripen it up faster.
  • Ripe mangoes will give just a little to pressure, and smell luscious.
  • Refrigerate ripe mangoes for about a week.
  • To eat, peel the whole fruit before you remove the seed.
  • To remove the seed, place the fruit on its wide end, and remove the flesh by cutting the fruit vertically, sliding the knife along the seed on one side, then on the other. You’ll have two large pieces that you can cut away from here as desired, whether diced or sliced.
  • Be careful while you’re enjoying this yummy fruit. It may not seem dark in color, but the juice will stain.

Hope you’re mango’s ripe!




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