Glass-Bottom Boats

24 02 2011


One of my fondest childhood memories was a family trip to Silver Springs, Florida, where we rode in magical glass-bottom boats. I’ll never forget looking down into crystal blue water at fish and plants, feeling for all the world like a mermaid.

Me, on a glass-bottom boat in Silver Springs, FL

I have an absolute love for an kitschy tourist destination, and let me tell you, Silver Springs certainly is that. Before we left our beloved Florida home for the left Coast, I asked Mr. SIT to take a little weekend road trip down again just south to Silver Springs. And it did not disappoint.

A view of some gorgeous underwater plants from the glass bottom-boat

Glass-bottomed boats first got their start in Southern California, but it’s Southern destinations like Silver Springs and Weeki Wachee where they’ve gained tourist fame.

A sunken boat at the bottom of the lake, as seen from the glass-bottom

If you’ve never had the chance to experience a glass-bottom boat, get yourself to the nearest seaside for an afternoon of up-close watery fun.

Generations love Silver Springs - My grandparents have a picture in just this very same spot, with the famous twisted palm




3 responses

24 02 2011

I remember before Disney, before Universal there was Silver Springs. Loved those glass bottom boats. Need to take my kids there.

26 02 2011

It’s a classic, for sure (though I love me some touristy Florida — whether it’s Disney or roadside stands)! I keep meaning to do a post on a fantastic book called Dixie Before Disney.

Let us know if you take your kiddies, Jamie!

16 08 2011
Jesus Sandoval

how old is that twisted palm tree?

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