Let’s Have a Tea Party!

20 02 2011

My mother is a fantastic gift giver. She, even from 2500 miles away found a way to make my birthday very special by sending a package of wonderful gifts for me to enjoy. Books I had been wishing for (via my Amazon wish list — do y’all know about this? It’s genius!), some much desired treats for my kitchen, and even a Topsy Turvy (I’m an infomercial junkie, but I’m so excited to grow my own tomatoes)!

While everything she sent was an absolute treat, possibly my favorite gift was a gorgeously photographed cookbook-hybrid-art book called Tea Party by Tracy Stern. Tea is nothing new to the world, or to this blog, but this lovely book reminds me that tea is really one of the simple luxuries in life. Brewing tea is a ritual and a bit more special than just inviting a friend to meet up for coffee.

Tea Party offers up dozens of themed party ideas, because if there’s something we love about as much as a good, sweet tea around here, it’s a good, sweet party! From baby showers to birthday parties, from tips to recipes, decor to recipes, Tea Party is a perfect book for a gift to a friend, or even yourself! I’ve throughly enjoyed reading through each themed suggestion.

I can’t wait to throw a proper “Easy Sweet Tea” Party that Ms. Stern suggests, complete with cakes and a pot of tea, and of course, good friends. I’m thinking an afternoon full of lots of pink, silver and gold to keep it modern, yet civilized. Gorgeous table linens and a pretty cake stand to hold berry tarts, petits fours, and cookies. Pink tulips for the centerpiece and dreamy classical music piping from the iPod.

Tea parties already have me dreaming of spring and summer days, but while it’s still February, sit down with your address book and some pretty stationary by a crackling fire and invite your best friends over for a tea party.




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