Food Friday: Sprouts

18 02 2011

Now folks, don’t go thinking I’ve gone all Californian on you — talking about eating light and portion controls. And now, with the sprouts! Hey, just today I made up a tray of something from Paula Deen I won’t mention (hint: it involved cream, butter, and shortening).

But every now again, there’s a healthy ingredient that adds a little texture to my boring routine of cereal, salad, a meat and two sides day. And lately, that ingredient has been sprouts.

I can distinctly remember the day I first saw alfalfa sprouts. I was sitting at the lunch table at Shades Mountain Christian in 3rd grade, and looked at the girl’s sandwich beside me, and asked her what those foreign looking green twisty things were. She informed me, and I promptly forgot about them until perusing my new grocery store, taking all the new aisles and products. There’s nothing like not knowing where anything is to make you notice new things and shake up your grocery list.

I grabbed a little container of these healthy-looking sprouts, threw them on a wrap one day, and haven’t looked back since. South, try a little of these nutrient-packed, crisp sprouts on your sandwiches, salads, or even in your stir-fry. Just might be one thing I bring back with me when I someday make it back to my glorious homeland.

Let’s talk about sprouts!

  • Sprouts are from a variety of seeds and beans including alfalfa, lentil, mung, pea, radish, and wheat.
  • Choose crisp-looking sprouts with the bud attached instead of dark, musty, or slimy-looking sprouts.
  • Refrigerate for no more than a few days in a ventilated plastic container. These are best eaten fresh, fresh, fresh!
  • Wash sprouts just before eating and blog dry with paper towels.
  • Cut off any roots, just leaving the seed or bean at the end.
  • The flavor and texture is best eaten raw, but if you’d like to cook with firm sprouts, such as mung-beans, add them at then end of your cooking time and heat for less than a minute.



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3 11 2012
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[…] state with friendly people. I’ve learned a lot about serving that fried shrimp with a side of sprouts. We found a great church where until the very end, our dear friends in t-shirts and Tevas made fun […]

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