Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

10 02 2011

Oh, how I love Valentine’s Day! There’s nothing quite like the month of February, with its hint of warmer days (well, some years), copious amounts of “minor” holidays — President’s Day, Groundhog Day, and V-day (though I always look forward to my Groundhog Day card from my Godfather Stephen), and bright colors everywhere (red and pink happen to be two of my favorites), to get you through the rest of the winter and racing toward spring.

It seems like just yesterday we posted our Christmas Gift Guide, but the response was so positively overwhelming, we’ve made it a resolution to post more treats throughout the year — just a few suggestions from us to you. So, ladies… leave this page open on your fella’s computer. And gentlemen, a gentle reminder… the big day is Monday. So get yourself out to a florist, chocolatier, or jewelry store pronto.

Or just follow our prompts here to find something your special someone, or just single and fabulous best friend might love!

If you’re whisking her off on a fabulous weekend-getaway, perhaps give a hint with this warm and preppy cashmere travel throw blanket and pillow set.

You can’t go wrong with flowers, but ensure they last well after this week by buying her a permanent bloom. Now, in the past, silk flowers have had a sort of corny connotation. But not these from Diane James. They look so real, no one would know.

Perhaps she’s a jewelery girl, but you’d like your loving message to say fun instead of stuffy and formal. I would wear these XO earrings all year ’round. How cute!

If you’ve got a homebody like me, nothing is more romantic than a long night cuddled in front of the t.v. with some of my favorite romantic movies. Don’t forget the popcorn (for her!) and perhaps a bacon candy bar (for him!).

A beautiful and classic scarf might be just the thing — traditional, but against-the-flow for V-day. Or for him, how about the ever-popular classic Southern bow tie?

When it’s time to tuck away to bed, think beyond the tawdry connotations of a romantic holiday (I’ll leave those gift suggestions up to someone else). What about a beautiful pair of pajamas? I don’t know of a woman who doesn’t like something pretty and comfortable to settle into as she dreams. (It works for men too… my hubby has this manly blue pair and loves them.)

But love isn’t just for romance. I always think of dear friends during this time of year — hey, when better can you admit you love your gal pals (sorry, guys, this doesn’t work quite as well for you… unless you’re in combat). How cute are these modern incarnations of friendship necklaces from handmade Etsy seller, iadornu. (Remember them from elementary school)?

And you know how I feel about message jars that keep on giving, from Etsy seller DayJarView. Or don’t forget Becky’s “sweet” V-day treat bag. I can tell you first hand, they’ll be well received!

Of course, you can never go wrong with the classics — breakfast in bed, a beautiful journal, her favorite scent, or, or course, chocolates will always be appreciated.

Or, just for fun… give classic kiddie cartoon V-day cards along with ring pops for a sweet treat that’s just enough to brighten anyone’s day.

Whatever you do, celebrate love today! We love you, our readers, so cheers to St. Valentine!




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