Tuesday Tip: Meat

8 02 2011

This one’s for the boys!

I’m a carnivore myself, so while it’s not only for the men out there, I find that most of the guys in my life can’t live without their protein especially, but here’s a few ways to keep those in our lives a little healthier.

  • Reduce that portion size! (Think about those airline meals. That’s how much we’re supposed to be eating all the time.)
  • Make meat your side dish, and another type of food the star.
  • Choose lean cuts, and then ask the butcher (or do it yourself) to cut all the excess fat off.
  • As a general rule of thumb, the younger the animal, the lower the fat content (how true this is… animals, and people, huh?). Veal has lower fat content than beef.
  • Turkey is lower in fat than chicken. These days, you can find sliced turkey, ground turkey, even turkey cutlets in most supermarkets. My sister has a great recipe for turkey burgers that don’t even make me miss the real thing. Sub it in in your chili, meat loaf, anything. (Shh… don’t tell hubby I’ve been using turkey sausage and pepperoni on his pizzas for years now!)
  • Remove the skin from chicken before cooking with using some cooking methods such as stewing. But be sure to leave it on if you’re grilling or broiling. You can always remove it after it’s fully cooked, but that skin keeps in moisture during the heating process.
  • Place low fat meats and fish on parchment paper or foil and cook to keep it moist. This little packet of food always looks so elegant to me! You can place the veggies, herbs, tomatoes, sauce, whatever you like, right in with the packet, and voila! It’s all baked together. (And such little mess!)
  • Sub shredded carrots in for some of your hamburger meat (about half to a third). You get plenty of juice, and far fewer calories. You can also sneak in potatoes or beans.
  • Sub meat in your favorite casseroles with fiber-rich legumes such as lentils or beans.
  • Thoroughly drain cooked ground meats of as much grease as you can by straining it through a colander and pressing a plate down on it. Then blot with a paper towel.
  • Make a smaller portion seem larger by slicing it thin and fanning the slices over one side of the plate (also, so elegant).
  • Whip up a quick, low-calorie sauce for your meats from roasted peppers with just a little stock, wine, or  skim milk and heat until warmed through.



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