Four Roses: The Return of a Whiskey Legend

25 01 2011

Today is January 25, 2011 and one month ago was Christmas. I almost find it hard to believe.

With holiday gift giving behind me I am able to revisit my own little wish list.  One such item on the list is the recently released book, “Four Roses: A Return of a Whiskey Legend.”  The book includes much of the history that made the bourbon company, Four Roses, the once top selling bourbon.  The book is said to include all the twists and turns of prohibition and stories from the family. 

Did you know that in the 1950’s Four Roses was pulled from American markets and sold only oversees? It was not until 2002 that Four Roses was reintroduced to Kentucky and then most recently in 2007 expanded into other states. 

I look forward to my upcoming purchase and its future spot on the coffee table.  Hurray for bourbon history!




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