Farm Burger

20 01 2011

After a holiday saturation of traditional food my dad and I visited Farm Burger in Decatur, Georgia (for those of you outside that area, it is pretty much Atlanta).  I have found that truly there is nothing better than good food, but a good burger, oh my goodness, this is a day maker.  Farm Burger is the “fast food” you crave, without any of the “fast” ingredients or preparation.  All burgers served to you originate from a farm (Moonshine Meats, Full Moon Farms) they own and operate, and practice sustainable, humane, and ethical husbandry.  The farms also supply their other restaurant in Athens, Georgia, Farm 255.

Beef that hasn’t originated from farms operating like shoe producers in China was the original excitement that lured us, but actually sitting down in the restaurant and dining sealed the deal.  You enter the restaurant, grab and menu and wait in the inevitable line of hungry people and while waiting you realize the simple joy of burger condiments.  Forget the basic lettuce, and tomato, and feast on caramelized onions, Sweet Grass Dairy blue cheese, oxtail marmalade, pimento cheese, or a farm fried egg.  Your excitement builds as you place the order, hoping you didn’t forget anything, and then, oh wait, can I get a t-shirt as well? 

Sitting at the bar was our choice for the day because we prefer the “behinds the scenes “ tour, and we were not disappointed.  Watching the variations of burger orders was thrilling, and as our order arrived and we plowed through it with nothing but satisfaction, we realized we had room for more.   We continued to feast on this menu with an order of homemade pickles that also included pickled wax beans and carrots served in a jar.  The homemade chips with French onion dip also made it to our spot on the bar, as did a few Atlanta beers, and root beer float. 

Dad and I love these types of outings and as we sat watching the kitchen do their magic, we discussed the genius concept of Farm Burger.   By supplying their own beef, there is never any question about the quality, and with a menu of pretty much burgers and sides, you reduce costs by only producing one main item from the kitchen.   It is genius! 

We were lucky enough have my future sister in law with us (fingers crossed), and after a delicious meal, I decided that I had to see the kitchen.  Chef Travis, the nice guy that he is, accommodated our request and much to my amusement, beef fresh from the butcher was being prepared for the restaurant’s winter dinner. 

Farm Burger is a restaurant you want to support, and a place you will want to visit repeatedly. 

(Check out the blog, I’m High on Cooking.  Blogger, Jared Pickard quit his job on the NY stock exchange and decided that the big city life no longer suited him and moved to Georgia to be a farmer’s apprentice at Moonshine Meats and Full Moon Farms.  His blog is hysterical and very interesting. )




2 responses

20 01 2011
Suwannee Refugee

It’s good to know places like this exist. It’s really hard to beat a good burger!

21 01 2011

I know, I wish my area would grab hold of an idea like this. I really think that it is smart.

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