Tuesday Tip: Sugar

18 01 2011

Ok, y’all know me. It pains me, literally pains me to tell anyone to cut back on sugar, but just know here, I’m preaching to the choir today y’all. Let’s get this over with.

  • Choose fruit for dessert. If you’re after something a little sweeter (yes, please), many fruit flavors intensify in sweetness when they are cooked (try bananas).
  • Puree your fruit with all-spice to use as a sauce for angel-food cake, ice cream compote, and so on.
  • Vanilla and cinnamon raise “perceived” sweetness levels, so add these to dressings, deserts, and your baked goods to get away with a little less of the good stuff (that is, sugar, y’all).
  • And for a really good one, fructose (not the bad stuff we’ve heard so much controversy over) is a natural by-product of fruits and honey, and can be purchased granulated or in syrup forms. it’s actually sweeter than sugar, and with many fewer calories, so use this in your jams, condiments, desserts, and baked goods as a substitute.

See now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?




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