What’s For Dinner?

3 01 2011


I don’t have many things figured out, but ask me what we’re having for dinner on any given night, and I have a plan. For that matter, ask me what’s for dinner next month, and I’ve probably got some ideas. You see, am rather fond of my weekly menu plan.

It all started at Swoozie’s, back in the Jacksonville days, where I picked up a too-cute-to-resist pink and green weekly Meal Plan pad, and promptly left it sitting unused while life was too busy to cook much. But upon moving to our teeny town with not many restaurant options (and my fallback eating out excuse of working outside of our home being currently not applicable), I set out to plan meals each week, and always have tasty ingredients stocked.

But now I cook most every night, as I know many of you ladies and gentlemen do, so that cute pink and green pad quickly lost its perforated sheets, and I was forced to create my own document. No matter though, I tweaked the sheet to add columns for side dishes, as well as started my weekly menu on Sunday, rather than Monday, as the sheet forced, to better line up with my grocery shopping schedule (Farmer’s Market takes place on Monday, plus, Sunday is the official first day of the week). And in just a few minutes spent in Microsoft Word, I had my own version.

The beauty of a weekly meal plan in your own, manipulatable document is that you can copy and paste blank weeks as far as you care to. That means when you see a delicious-looking recipe from your favorite blog, tear out scrumptious treats out of that magazine in your mailbox, or know you’re having company over on a specific date, you can pencil type in my what you plan to make in advance. Anytime I see a recipe, for instance, from my bloggy obsession Texas-girl Pink of Perfection’s Pork Chops with Mushrooms and Dill or Cooking with Paula Deen magazine’s Vegetable Soup, or momma tells me about a dish she just made a success, I can schedule it in. If I’m flipping through cookbooks and see a delicious watermelon-shrimp salad, but melons are nowhere near in season, I can jot it down for June.  Then a quick note in the “Grocery List” column for any meal ingredients I know I’ll want fresh, or don’t often keep on hand, makes sure my grocery shopping list is always ready. (I also keep a blank magnetic pad on the fridge for items I run out of as I use them… then it’s just a matter of combining these two lists when it’s off to the store!)

So, in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, which so often include getting organized and eating right, it’s my pleasure to share my humble little document with you, our SIT friends. I hope it’s a use to y’all, but feel free to print it, change it all around to suit your additional meal needs (I only include dinner, except on the weekends, since Mr. SIT eats lunch out, and most days I rotate through my same three meals each day for lunch), or what have ya.

Sweet Iced Tea — Dinner Meal Plan

As a bonus to any of you out there with a goal of dropping that “Holiday 5,” we’ll be featuring a month of healthy Tuesday Tips. And if you’re stuck for lunch ideas, scroll back through our Brown Bag Lunches for suggestions.




4 responses

3 01 2011

Thanks for the love! This is definitely the kind of organization I’m always after but don’t always achieve. 😉

4 01 2011

Coming from a girl who used to categorize and sort her Halloween candy before eating it, this is not surprising.

6 01 2011

Ahhh! I love when our parents throw us under the bus….

6 01 2011

Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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