Last Minute SIT Stocking Stuffer Guide

23 12 2010


We posted our annual gift guide a few weeks ago, but it’s so near to Christmas, this is about the time you’re probably realizing you’ve got to fill those stockings too. Sometimes, they’re the hardest part to find little trinkets for that will be meaningful and useful, as well as not breaking the bank.

And sometimes, stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning. I always find a thoughtful treat in there, something small to stick in my airline carry-on or purse, and I always find a gift card to Starbucks from my mom.

So all year, I’ve been brainstorming when I came across anything stocking worthy in the drugstore, grocery, or bookstore. And now, we share with you, perhaps the most exhaustive Sweet Iced Tea list yet – Holiday Stocking Stuffers.


Cool thumb drive

Office supplies (paper clips, rubber bands, thumb tacks, binder clips)


Individual Super Glue (Because, really, when is anyone in need of gluing more than one thing at a time? These are genius because they are one use tubes.)

Recordable disks


Car-sized screw driver

Tire pressure gage

Team Ornament

Small lotions

Costume Jewelry (rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, antique brooch)

Nail files (matchbook nail files, diamond file)

Pony tail holders

Bobby pins

Happy Tape

Cashmere socks. A small luxury, but there’s nothing better than cashmere on the feet on a cool holiday night.

Coloring book & Colored pencils


Rubix Cube

Sea Monkeys (Did y’all love these as a kid?)

City Map

Spinning top or yoyo

Silly Bandz – I kid you not, I am so out of touch, I did not know what these things were until I went to visit my parents back in the fall, and they had to tell me that these rubber band thing-ys were all the rage. I’m old. But I bet your kids know.

Stamp and ink pad set (They have bundles of these at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, but you can find some great ones to online at handmade shops.)

Trading Cards


Animal Crackers


Mad Libs pads (also, crossword puzzles, word finds, travel versions of games… their parents will thank you if they’ve got a road trip back home ahead of them)



Luggage tags (So many options, but two of my favorites would be this one from Jonathan Adler or this fantastic Etsy shop.)

Travel alarm clock

14,000 To Be Happy About (one of my favorite books of all time!)



Magazine Subscription (Put a subscript card you find stuffed between the pages, or the latest issue, rolled up and tied with a ribbon as a symbol they’ll be getting this treat all year round.)


Burt’s Bees products — lotion, face care, etc.

 Lifesavers Sweet Storybook (It’s just not Christmas unless I get one of these in my stocking. I’m good on church purse candy until February.)


Chocolate Orange

Via Coffee

Mini bags trail mix (anything in the candy aisle of the grocery, really)

Goldfish crackers

Flavored almonds

Grapefruit or orange with grapefruit knife/spoon

Dried fruits

Godiva Pearls


Cookie cutters

Slip-on Pour Spout — Have y’all seen these? Genius. Works with your existing bowl.

Tide pen – I swear by this. In college, I’m pretty sure they should have paid me to be a walking advertisement. I always have one on me.

Sewing kit

Indy Kleenex packs

Swipes Eyeglass Cleaners

Bandaids. Who said the fun kind only had to be for kids? Try these “Ouch!” strips to look like someone kissed your boo boo.

Manicure Grooming kit

Sample size Tylenol – I kid you not, I saw this for the first time at the gas station. They always have the best sample size meds, and these are great to have in a purse or briefcase for when the coming January vacation hangover when life just give ya a headache. (find out what their favorite lotion, shampoo, conditioner is, buy small bottles of this for travel, or just a luxurious treat)




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