Nine Drummers Drumming

18 12 2010

We won’t miss a beat on today’s verse of The 12 Days of Christmas, the nine drummers drumming! Too many of these 12 Days seem a little, well, skewed towards the ladies. I mean, we’ve got swans swimming around, doves, jewelry. But today, we get to rock with nine drummers drumming!

The kiddies will love today if you give them the opportunity to make a little noise. I don’t know a little boy yet who hasn’t pulled out mom’s pots and pans at some point and played a little percussion with the wooden spoon, so wouldn’t he love his own set? Perhaps you might like to start with a small toy drum, but he could quickly graduate to this seriously cool miniature set. You’d get the coolest parent of the decade award. If you’re not quite ready to fully commit to drums, a tambourine would still be a nice way to introduce rhythm. (This is a slight stretch, but I just couldn’t resist including this series of tambourine photographs. So cool.)

Maybe drumming inside your own home is a bit too much for you, but you can still give anyone the gift of music. The original hit “Little Drummer Boy” was recorded by the Harry Simeone Chorale, but you can find a host of other covers of it since on albums of many styles. While it’s never been my favorite Christmas song, it seems to be very popular lately. And don’t forget the classic claymation Christmas special. Here, you can get some of the favorite Christmas movies we all remember as kids, including Rudolph, Frosty, and The Little Drummer Boy. Or, load an iPod with hits — Christmas and other favorite songs to keep that music contained within earphones (don’t forget The Twelve Days of Christmas)!

If looking at drums is more your thing, what about a great art print to hang in a music room, office, teenager’s bedroom, or in the man cave. (This Etsy seller hails from down South — in Sherman Texas!) Or, fix your grocery list to your fridge with a magnet, featuring a hauntingly beautiful picture of a Civil War-era drummer.

Wear drummer inspired pieces to add a little rock appeal to your holiday attire. How seriously cool will the man in your life think you are if you give him these spiffy cufflinks? If you’ve got a little one, this onesie is just darling. And military-inspired touches are all the rage this year, so get on trend with this black vest.

Decorate your tree with music — this toy drum ornament, or this handmade drummer doll would look precious on any tree. While this family game/snack/coffee table would look great in your living room around Christmas, tuck it back in the kids room during the rest of the year for a whimsical touch (and when Pottery Barn has a sale, it’s worth checking out)!

The nine drummers represent the Fruits of the Spirit, which are important qualities to remember at Christmas time — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, and gentleness. So every time you hear the beat of a drum this season, and throughout the year, recall these traits.




3 responses

18 12 2010
Sharon K. Shubert

Thank you for including my “Drummer Boy” art print! What a great idea for the holidays. 😉 Here’s the link to purchase the print:


19 12 2010
Whispering Oaks

Great rocking article. Thanks for including our Little Drummer Boy Ornament.

22 12 2010
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