Eight Maids A-Milking

16 12 2010

Painting by Louella Clements, entitled "Twelve Days of Christmas" -- displayed at the public library in Selma, AL

I’m a little partial to today. I love milk, and I suppose I’m a maid (though technically speaking, a matron). So today’s verse of The 12 Days of Christmas, I’ve found quite a lot of joy in picking out tokens that represent our eight maids a-milking!

As legend states it, the eight maids represent the beatitudes, a famous sermon Jesus Christ delivered from the Sermon on the Mount. “Beatitudes” means “blessings.” You’ll recall his blessings to the poor in spirit, the mourners, those that hunger and thirst for righteousness, the meek, the merciful, the pure of heart, the peacemakers, and those that follow Him. We would do well to remember these, especially at Christmas time. I know I could certainly remember all year around to be pure of heart, merciful, a peacemaker.

My first mention goes to this nostalgic art, “Milkman’s Here!” by Scott Moore. His works have a sort of colorful, yet faded memory feel that evokes the 1950’s world of family — from vacations on the road to dad’s favorite chair in the living room.

You’ll recall these milk bottles from our 2009 Gift Guide. Ebay also has an extensive collection that would make gorgeous vases, carafe, candle holders, or anything else your creative brain can think up! If you can find local fresh milk, what a treat that would be for your family.

Instead of actual milk bottles, what about old-fashioned milk bottle sweets? I think a nice substitute for plain white milk is chocolate milk, or present your family with colorful mugs (pictured below), and the best hot chocolate you can find! Or just plain milk or white chocolate?

Maybe your little maidens would like to be occupied playing with paper doll maiden dolls, or a real treat of a new baby doll. Little girls always love these classics.

Maids, they are harder to come by. (If you have a good one, will you please send her over to my house!) But a lovely treat for the hostess for the holidays would be to send over a pre-Christmas house clean. She’s got enough cooking, decorating, and preparing to do. Wouldn’t she love her home to be professionally cleaned without having to do the work. You can find many professional cleaning services that do one-time house cleaning calls for a reasonable price. (Maybe you’re the hostess, and you need to gift this to yourself.)




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16 12 2010

An addendum: how cute is this Southern mug that states, “Merry Christmas, y’all!” I’m still partial to the colorful handmade mugs, since you could use them all year around, but I just couldn’t pass up sharing this one too.


22 12 2010
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