Seven Swans A-Swimming

15 12 2010

We’re over halfway through the song now, where we sing… Seven Swans A-Swimming! Today’s seven swans stand for the sevenfold gifts of the Spirit — serving, exhortation, contribution, prophesy, teaching, leadership, and mercy. Some of these gifts might need to make a special appearance in all of our houses this holiday, especially mercy.

Swans, to me, are inherently feminine. So today, we’ve got several selections for the lady in your life who might need, during this harried season of Christmas, a little beauty in her life. Perhaps you know a fashion forward lady who knows that, in part due to royal fiancée, Kate Middleton, fascinators are all the rage these days. Try this gorgeous, swan-like feather hairpiece for a winter wedding, or if you have a very special little girl, I can see her relishing in a beautiful ballerina tutu wearing this. Speaking of ballerinas, I love the gorgeous musical strands wafting through a house all year around, inspiring me to walk on tippy toes when no one is watching. Swan Lake is a classic.

Maybe you’d like to focus on the swimming part, and get her this retro swim cap, from Etsy seller Avabelldesigns (lots of other colors and combos available in her store as well, along with some great swim suits). I’ve always wanted one of these flowered caps to keep my locks dry while I go for a dip. Summer swimming seems a long way off at the moment, but maybe your winter vacation is somewhere tropical, or at least has an indoor heated pool? If you just can’t manage a winter swim, she can bathe in her own sanctuary with bath products in her favorite scent.

Finding “swan” related products for anyone was a bit more difficult, and even though this print only features six swans, I thought it was so beautiful, I just had to share. And for the music lover in your life, Sufjan Stevens has a wonderful album from a few years back entitled, “Seven Swans.” Anyone is sure to enjoy!

If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll notice we’ve snuck in a video for each of the days, with a different personality singing the 12 Days. Make sure to check out this hilarious version of Jimmy Fallon singing with the Muppets. Poor Fozzy messes up our Seven Swans every time, but we love him, so we’ll help him out!




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