Six Geese A-Laying

13 12 2010

Continuing in our exploration of the 12 Days of Christmas this week, we have had fun learning the meanings behind the five golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree!

Today we come to sixth day of Christmas, where True Love gave, well someone, six geese a-laying. Personally, I’m kind of jealous of this one, because who wouldn’t want a constant supply of fresh eggs each morning? If you’d like to represent this day to your loved ones, maybe you could make an assortment of mini-quiches and serve each family member six, served along side a fresh fruit salad.

If you’re looking for something a bit more tangible, look at this gorgeous lamp, made out of feathers! How about a set of beautifully lush goose-down feather pillows? Are your loved ones discerning in their culinary tastes? What about a gift of Foie gras.

Look at all the gorgeous vintage Christmas goodies at Georgia-based Etsy shop, Bluebirdlane! I remember when country geese used to be all the rage for decorating. These canisters still are pretty cute. This photograph of flying geese is so cute. Have you ever seen this charming old Cary Grant movie — Father Goose?

Or, since the six geese are said to represent the six days of biblical creation, perhaps you could set aside some time with your family to “create” some arts or crafts. Line the dining room table with newspaper, set out the feathers, glitter, glue, and markers, prepare yourself for a mess, and have fun! Or for a fun family game, and slightly less messy, play this Find Six Geese Game on the TLC website with the little ones.




3 responses

14 12 2010
Bluebird Lane

Been looking around your blog, love it! Thanks for featuring one of my tags!!!

14 12 2010

Thanks much! Have a great holiday season.

22 12 2010
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