Name that Theme Song…

12 12 2010


No, this isn’t a tribute to game shows, but rather, a tribute to those classic TV shows we might see on Nick at Night or TV Land. You see, a great many classic shows we all grew up with, take place in the south.



From sitcoms like Designing Women, King of the Hill, and Reba to classic dramas like Matlock and Dallas—all these beloved shows took place in the great South. And who can forget Golden Girls, I Dream of Jeannie, and my husband’s favorite – The Andy Griffith Show.



With the popularity of TV on DVD, you can check out most of these shows if you’ve missed them (or been too young to watch) before. {Psst… these are great Christmas presents for those hard-to-shop for cousins, in-laws, etc. too!}



What are your favorite tv pastimes with a Southern setting?




2 responses

12 12 2010
Suwannee Refugee

I’m with you on three of the four “classic” tv shows. But Reba? Really?

13 12 2010

Ok, ok… but I didn’t say it was a classic. I just said it was a sitcom. And that much is true. Love Reba’s music. I could personally do without her acting, but hey, some folks like her!

Plus, it’s amazing what you’ll watch when you’re laid up in bed on Sudafed with a sinus infection for a week. 🙂 (Was it just the Sudafed, or is that blonde girl really funny though?)

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