Four Calling Birds

9 12 2010

We continue our exploration today of The Twelve Days of Christmas song. On the fourth day of Christmas, the True Love gave… four calling birds. Although there is some speculation that, as the song was passed down from generation to generation, the lyrics were changed from “colly” birds — blackbirds.

The Four Birds are said to be representative of the four gospels — Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

We’ve selected a few gifts here that represent those four birds, and a few other gifts, related, but just for fun.

I’ve made it clear by now that I love Christmas cards. Well, I love cards in general. this series of cards highlights all the birds from the 12 Days. These four calling birds proclaim Joy to the World! This “calling” birds card, from ktolve is charming. Or maybe, you’d like to be the “calling” bird. There’s nothing as old-fashioned as Christmas calling, complete with calling cards. Wouldn’t your friends and neighbors love you if you came calling and left one of these along with a homemade pie or other treat. This is my personal favorite at the moment.

These dessert plates are beautiful, and could be used all year around. As would a set of four birds decal silhouettes for your windows.

If four birds are a bit too much for you, perhaps you’d just like one of these great trinkets to remind you of the “colly” birds — blackbirds. This vintage necklace is lovely. Or a brass cuff sporting a painty bird. You could add birds all year to your crafts or scrapbooks with this stamp. A gorgeous snowy scene in a photograph for your home. These subtle bird printed kitchen set would be a great newlywed Christmas gift. And how gorgeous is this seasonless tablecloth?

Kids or outdoorsmen would love to call the birds with a bird whistle — here and here.

When I thought of blackbirds, I thought of the old nursery rhyme “Sing a Song of Sixpence.” If you have babies in your home, they might like this colorful print hung in their room. Or this series of nursery rhyme pictures. What a sweet idea — love this quilt. And for your notes, a blackberry pie notepad.

And just for fun, do you have kids out of town? How about a calling card, so they can call home!




5 responses

9 12 2010
the fabled needle (jen)

thanks for mentioning my Blackbirds Pie notepad!

9 12 2010

Lovely blog, and excellent choices for last minute gifts! Thanks for featuring me and supporting the handmade community.. 🙂 From “up North” – Mary

10 12 2010

Thank you so much for featuring my card and for telling more of the stories behind the song.

10 12 2010

We love our “up North” readers too! (Secret: my mom is a Northern lady — so I got the best of both worlds!)

22 12 2010
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