Tuesday Tip: Wrap Like Martha

7 12 2010

Did anyone get the chance to watch Martha’s Open House on television yesterday? I was thrilled to receive the December issue of Martha Stewart in the mail.  Yes, as usual, Martha shines at Christmas.

Along with many good tips, as usual, Ms. Stewart shares how to wrap anything. With new and creative ideas such as colorful lunch paper bags, to glass mason jars filled with colorful shredded paper (how Southern and original is that??), she gives tons of ideas, not only for a cute outside (torn fabric as ribbon, a star template for a gift card holder, tags galore), but great packaging like clear plastic takeout boxes, for those hard to wrap items.

And while I personally love to sit in front of a great Christmas movie surrounded by paper, tape sticking to my sweatpants, and marker fingers, I know that not all of us do. And anyway, if someone rings you at the last minute to come caroling, or eat some of their fresh-from-the-oven Christmas cookies, these ideas will be a lifesaver.

I highly suggest you pick up the issue, even if you aren’t a regular MSL subscriber. And visit her website for many more ideas!




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