On the Second Day… Two Turtle Doves

6 12 2010

Continuing on our discovery of Twelve Days of Christmas, if you have a True Love, perhaps you’d like to give them a pair of turtle doves. No? Well, then perhaps one of these lovely gifts will suffice.

According to the Catholic folklore, the two turtle doves are said to represent the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In keeping with that spirit, I think it would be fun to give your love two gifts — perhaps one old, and one new.

Here’s a mini gift guide for some great turtle dove sussies.


Anyone would enjoy this birdcage drawing on a book page.

A series of bird paintings features a gray and gold European turtle dove. For an entrancing Christmas colored print. Love this adorable, and comfy looking tee, a wearable bit of art.


If you want to go a little more abstract with the dove concept, how about a gift featuring feathers. This necklace is equal parts feminine, equal parts rock star. You could leave this white feather tree up all year around. Love a porcelain travel mug.


Birds are always in vogue, but they seem to be especially on trend of late. Gasp! How cool is this wing ring. A vintage birdcage necklace. Represent peace with this dove necklace.

Inspired Home

My vote goes for something lovely for your home. There are so many ways to enjoy bird life, whether inside your home, or from a warm window perch.

There are so many beautiful birdcages out there, large and small. Or give the birds in your neighborhood a holiday treat for these long winter months. This iron birdbath is lovely. This pair of turtle dove ornaments are simple and would make a nice addition to your Christmas tree. These are so sweet and realistic looking, they would look elegant on a mantle, or as a gift to some very appreciative and sophisticated child. An intricate Ukrainian egg ornament. Fun printed white board for a kitchen or a teenager’s bedroom. These love bird salt and pepper shakers would be so sweet for newlyweds, or anyone with a kitchen collection.

And if none of these seem right to you, you could always give two Dove chocolate bars. Or you could make them some homemade turtle clusters. If I can’t have a real turtle dove, this might be my pick!




3 responses

6 12 2010

SO pretty. Thanks for including my necklace

19 12 2010
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