Happy Accidents

25 11 2010

Pumpkin Pie Image from Taste of Home

I’ve just gotta tell y’all about one of those mix-ups that ended up serendipitous, and delicious! Last year, I hosted Thanksgiving for my in-laws, and low and behold, got halfway through mixing up ingredients for the grand finale — the pumpkin pie — on Thanksgiving morning before I realized I was completely out of evaporated milk. I checked the pantry for any trace of something similar — sweetened condensed milk, scoured the fridge for remaining half and half, heavy cream, but alas, our week-long food reveling had left any extras a little dry. And you know all stores were closing in 5 minutes, so there was no time. Well, I threw a splash of skim milk in, crossed my fingers, and poured the mix in my mini pie tins. I figured we’d just do without pumpkin pie if it didn’t work out. A travesty — but I knew there had to be a frozen Sara Lee key lime pie buried somewhere in the freezer if worst came to worst.

But when I removed the pumpkin pies from the oven, I found a delightful treat. While it wasn’t the typical light, frothy concoction I’m used to when eating the traditional Thanksgiving pie, I loved the denser, almost cheesecake-like texture. Luckily for me too, the in-laws are open-minded and enjoyed them as well. (I doubt anyone would have even noticed had I not had a few helpers in the kitchen.) The Thanksgiving favorite was saved! It was delicious.

This year, I thought I’d retest my theory, to see if it was a holiday miracle, or if I really do prefer pumpkin pie sans evaporated milk. Turns out, it’s delicious! So if you prefer a heavy, rich dessert, as I often do, try making two pies  this year — one with and one without. Do a little taste test, and see which sliver (or wedge) everyone likes best. My guess is we might be on to something!

Let us know what you think? Was it just me?




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