Food Friday: Sandwiches

19 11 2010

Bet you think you know about everything there is to know about sandwiches, don’t ya? Well, while I tend to think of these easy, delicious meals as summer food, truth is, I think I could eat a sandwich every day of my life. Anything goes between two pieces of delicious bread. And if you’re anything like my family, we’re all about to have a lot leftover of that one certain ingredient that makes for fantastic sandwiches.

  • Got several different kinds of bread? Make it a “two-facer.” Use one slice white or sourdough bread and one slice wheat, rye, or pumpernickel.
  • For a variation on the sandwich, wrap it up! Throw those ingredients into a flour tortilla or egg-roll wrapper, or if you’re watching those calories, a large lettuce leaf. (Don’t always assume the “wrap” option is the “lighter” option. Sometimes there’s every bit of the calories in the wrap as in the bread.) Bagels, pitas, and croissants also make delicious sandwich bread.
  • If you are watching calories, but love bread, try an open-faced sandwich. Or, simply freeze a loaf of bread then cut one slice in half (this is easier when the bread is frozen) so you’re only eating one serving, but getting that sandwich feel.
  • If you’re not a mayo fan (sorry to say this is me), but love the moisture it provides, use cream cheese or cottage cheese.
  • Sometimes the sandwich really is all about the spread. While there’s nothing like a mustard standby, I love a little mix of chutney spread with the cream cheese to give it flavor and moisture.
  • I’m also fond of dipping my sandwich is salad dressings for extra pep. My favorite is honey mustard, but any of your favorite will do.
  • Becky taught me this trick, and I’ve yet to eat a grilled cheese sandwich since without it — sprinkle a little garlic salt in with your butter as you spread. I also like my grilled cheeses with a little ham, turkey, tomato, bacon, or mustard snuck in from time to time.
  • We’ve all eaten tuna fish sandwiches, but if you’ve got any leftover seafood from last night’s dinner, combine with a little mayo, throw on a couple pickles, and you’ve got a scrumptious meal.
  • Whenever I’m serving up my favorite pulled-pork bbq sandwiches, I like to try this little trick to keep them a little less messy. Buy the unsliced buns. Cut them yourself more towards the quarter than the middle. Then hollow out the bready portion to fill with delicious saucy meat!
  • My mother-in-law, who is Spanish, insists that we’re far too narrow in what we consider a sandwich. I’ve had some delicious meals at her home consisting of all sorts of healthy ingredients served in a pita or naan bread that I would never have thought of — beans, pasta, rice, vegetable salad — these all make healthy and delicious options.
  • Whenever I make Mr. SIT a sandwich to take to work for lunch, I always make sure the cheese sits directly on the bread. This way, when I spread any relish, mustard, tomatoes, or pickles on the sandwich, the bread doesn’t get soggy. Wrap airtight and they’ll last just fine.



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