Christmas Card Guide

18 11 2010

I love the age-old tradition of sending out Christmas cards. There’s nothing like an envelope in the mail from an old friend that says something a little more than keeping up with them on Facebook. So, I feel even thought it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, I’ve waited long enough, and it’s time for our first Christmas related post! We know you’ll be anxious to get those cards out to family and friends right after the last of the turkey is gone, so we’re hosting our first annual Christmas card guide this year!

Here are a host of our favorite picks.


I’m sort of a traditionalist. For heaven’s sake, it’s called CHRISTmas, folks, so I try and send out a card each year that represents why I’m celebrating. And that is that a little baby came down to this earth, was born in a lowly manger, and came to be our Savior. I have dear friends that do and do not believe that, but that’s what Christmas is all about to me.

O Holy Night from CBD

I like the look of this swirly nativity scene. I love cards that you could practically place in a frame and call them art, but there’s something so different about the vibrant colors. While it’s still reverent, it excites as well. Definitely not the same ho-hum card.

Nativity Card from CBD

I love this artistic nativity scene. You can almost feel the glow of that Holy Night. CBD is a great resource. I’ve purchased my cards here before, and they are of good quality, and they always have so many designs to choose from.

Christmas Blessings from Office Max

I’ve often found a great selection of cards at larger stores, such as Office Max. This is a beautiful stained glass design. There’s just something so majestic about stained glass, don’t you think?

Stained Glass image of Mary and the Baby Jesus

For Unto Us a Child is Born. The central message of Christmas.


But for those of you that aren’t part of the Christian faith, there are so many gorgeous generic cards out there that wish friends and family Happy Holiday’s or Season’s Greetings. And anyone who knows me knows too I have a very soft spot in my heart for Hanukkah.

Card from The Image Shop

I like the simplicity of this dove, and the message of Peace, at Christmas time, from the Image Shop.

Hanukkah Card from MOMA

A great Hanukkah card, from the MOMA Store.


Holiday Greetings

I literally created a category, just for this one card, from Masterpiece. It’s certainly a contender for my Christmas card this year.


I’ve been known to cater to my audience when it comes to Christmas cards. A couple years ago, I just couldn’t resist a hilarious card, but knew a few of the names in my address book wouldn’t appreciate making light of this sacred holiday. Anyway, that was just an excuse, because I couldn’t decide between the two. So I sent out one funny card, and one more traditional form to the likes of former teachers and such.

Christmas Bumper Stickers from MOMA

This card is so cute, I might just have to do that again. Ahem, and it’s on m-a-j-o-r sale.


I’m a traditional girl myself. There’s nothing Christmasy-er than red and green, a little preppy plaid, or a Santa. Throw in a wintery scene, and it’s one that will proudly take center stage on my mantle.

Merry Christmas, card by CBD

I love everything about this card — a little red and green plaid, and some Christmas candy, with a simple “Merry Christmas” message, from CBD.

Horses Running Through the Snow -- Card from CBD

Another beautiful card from Christian Book Distributors features horses running through the snow. I can’t wait to get a live view of this soon, at hopefully my White Kentucky Christmas. Fingers crossed!

Nutcracker card from CBD

A Christmas Classic — a Nutcracker, wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Masterpiece by Office Max

Simple and elegant, with the classic Christmas image of holly and berries.

Santa Claus from the Image Shop

You can hardly have a gift guide without at least one card featuring Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick!


If you’re blessed enough at Christmas to have a beautiful family to show off, I’m sure many of you love to send pictures of those smiling faces. I love seeing some of my favorite families, spread all across the world, grow up in a yearly Christmas card right before my eyes.

Vintage Typography Card from Minted

Favorite Cards from Minted

Family Flip Books from Minted

 Minted is chock-full of cards, Christmas and otherwise. They have a million designs I fell in love with, but here are a few of my favorites.

Christmas Newsletter Paper

If you decide to go the newsletter route, there are tons of great printed papers at stores like Office Max that you can go with to make your letter a little more festive!

From Etsy seller gottalovethem

I adore this unique design — a round picture card, that I can just see grandparents hanging on their tree — from Etsy seller, Gottalovethem.

Family Christmas Card by Keep In Touch Stationary

The lady behind Keep in Touch Stationary is a friend from my Union days. She currently resides in Nashville, and keeps an active business going along with being a mother!  Her cards are seriously cute. And, she keeps an active Facebook profile, so you can always stay up-to-date on the latest designs and deals.

Family Top Ten photo card by Etsy seller, Digifoto

Perhaps the coolest blend of family newsletter and picture card is this one from Digifoto on Etsy. How clever is this! Your friends will love hearing the top ten family events, and I suspect your family will have a great time reminiscing about the past year, and selecting those top ten events!


In a day of Etsy and other similar sites, I love seeing so many handmade cards coming into my mailbox. What better way to say you care to those in your address book?

Merry Christmas, Y'all by Squirrel in the Attic on Etsy

Y’all know I’ve talked about Etsy seller Squirrel in the Attic before here. I cannot get enough of her adorable cards. This is as Southern as they come! Anyone would want to be on your address list if you send out some of her cute cards with messages like “Merry Christmas, Y’all!” or “Feliz Navidad, Amigo!” (She is also featuring way cute “Recipe for a Merry Christmas” cards this season too. Perfect for any family member you’re trying to “butter up” for that secret recipe.”)

Fa la la la la! by Dude and Chick on Etsy

This card just makes me smile. From Etsy seller, Dude and Chick.

New Year’s

Hey, sometimes it just doesn’t happen before December 25th, but there’s nothing I love more than getting a straggling card to my mailbox come January 2nd… or 3rd… or 20th. Don’t worry if you don’t get to it amidst all your reveling, baking and merry making! Just sign your cards, “And let me be the last, to wish you and yours a Happy New Year!”

Happy New Year!

Every single thing the MOMA Store puts out, I love. This card is no exception. Would it be weird if I sent out Christmas cards and New Year’s cards?


Goodness, there are so many many cool cards out there. I could barely pick just this few. In the midst of some very cool designs, a few stood out that would absolutely delight. I’ve truly never seen anything like these.

From Etsy seller, SunshineandRavioli

So, family and friends, look away, because there’s a good chance you might be getting this card. Christmas post cards! Such an original idea to save yourself from addressing cards and stuffing envelopes. And, you save on postage too!

Wouldn’t anyone, young or young at heart, love opening up the tiny doors on this Advent Calendar as a Christmas card? Better hurry and make sure this one gets out soon though! The countdown is on!

Festive Christmas Colors by MOMA

Joy to the World!

Just love these pop-out cards. Their bright colors will get a spot front and center in anyone’s Christmas card display. By, who else? MOMA.

Card from Etsy - Melangerienyc

I just about gasped when I saw this… scratch-n-sniff Christmas Card! From Etsy seller, Melangerienyc, this card is about the cleverest thing I’ve ever seen. They get my pick this year for absolute favorite!

So there you have it. Sweet Iced Tea’s favorite Christmas cards. We’ve got some great things in store for you here at Sweet Iced Tea this Christmas season, but as for Christmas cards, now, the hard part — picking just one… or two…




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6 12 2010
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9 11 2013

Hello, I love the card “O Holy Night”, but Sue Banker. Any idea where I could purchase those. I looked on-line but couldn’t find them.

11 11 2013

They were from Christian Book Distributors website a few years ago. Looks like that style has been discontinued, but they have a lot of Christmas cards at

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