Tuesday Tip: Spray Paint

16 11 2010

Did you know that your beautiful can of spray paint can be ruined? Well, it can and the solution to prevent your spray paint, which can often be expensive, from being unusable is quite simple.

After using your spray paint, turn the can upside down, and spray.  Initially the paint will come out as you spray. However, after a few seconds it will only spray air and this is the key. By spraying it upside down you are clearing the tube (straw) from paint.  Instead of storing the can right side up, you will want to keep it upside down and avoid the paint from entering the tube. 

This is completely simple and will save you money on your next project, as the paint will last much longer.

We love spray paint in our house and spray everything to plastic plant containers, to glass fixtures or vases, and even flowers.  Spray paint rocks!




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