Tuesday Tip: Convection Oven Cooking

2 11 2010

I once lived a couple years of my life without a microwave. Don’t worry, it was by choice, but it was an interesting period. I learned a lot about reheating, probably ate more things than I care to admit cold, and got creative about other cooking methods.

This time of year, we’re coming around the bend where most likely you’ll be using any form of heating you can find with baking, company, every surface in the house hopefully covered with yummy treats. If you’re lucky enough to have a convection oven, they are great. While they look similar to toaster ovens, be not confused. Convection cooking works by providing continuous circulation of hot air traveling by fan. This cooks the food more evenly and much faster even when you’ve got a crowded oven. It’s great for baked goods and roasting meats or broiling fish.

So, if you own one of these kitchen jewels, be thankful. And here are a few tips for you for today’s Tuesday Tip. And my SITTT for those of you that aren’t lucky enough to have a convection oven yet: put this on your Christmas wish list!

  • Convection ovens usually require no preheating time.
  • When cooking from a traditional recipe, reduce the oven temperature by around 50 degrees, more for baked goods. Check your instruction manual for more information.
  • Other than cooking temperature, you need not make any other adjustments to your cookware, time, or techniques from a traditional oven.
  • If you are cooking meats, however, you’ll want to check them at about 15 minutes in, say on a 20 minute cooking time for a conventional oven to ensure you’re not overcooking your meat.

Convection oven by Hamilton Beach




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2 11 2010
Save energy save money

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