Food Saturday: Quail

30 10 2010

Bobwhite Quail

Today marks the beginning of quail hunting season in many parts of the South. This bird of the pheasant family is small but much-loved. While many quail can fly long distances, even migrating at times, they are most often found close to home, nesting on the ground, most likely in Virginia, Georgia or Florida. I have fond culinary memories along side of quail. One of my favorite book/movies is Babette’s Feast where Babette prepares quail for her guests. I felt like the guest in the feast several evenings in college when my roommate’s boyfriend would knock on our windows, offering quail he’d prepare wrapped in bacon and fried up in butter. Mmm… delish!

While we’re thankful for this small bird, take care to treat any bird in the wild with respect. Quail are declining significantly due to over-hunting in some cases, and loss of habitat in others. We certainly want these birds to be around for our children to enjoy! Be sure to follow local guidelines, but if you’re lucky enough to come across some quail eggs or the quail itself, here are a some recipes you might enjoy!

Quail in Puff Pastry

Southern Quail




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