Pie: The Filling

29 10 2010

What’s a pie without the filling, right?

  • If you’re doing a sweet pie, taste the fruit first to be used for filling. If it’s not as sweet as you’d like, slice it very thin so there will be more surface to absorb the sugar.
  • Wait until just before baking to fill the pie shell with your fruit. If you do so ahead of time, the fruit’s juices will simply sit on the unbaked shell and cause a soggy bottom. Same goes for a custard pie. If you need to cook the crust ahead of time, make sure both are cooled completely before combining to keep your crust crisp!
  • Avoid the fruit-pie boil-over by sticking a few pieces of raw macaroni through the top of the crust near the center. The macaroni allows the steam to vent, rather than causing pressure that would release the juices.
  • Sprinkle some grated cheddar over an apple or pear pie before placing the top crust on the pie. The cheese will melt down over the pie and add a delicious flavor!
  • If you’re making a custard-style pie, beat the mix only until it is just combined. We don’t want any unsightly bubbles forming from a too-frothy mixture.
  • If you’ve still got the last remnants of summer fruit, freeze it for your fruit pies during the winter. Just bake the pie a little longer to dethaw the frozen fruit.
  • We’re all getting ready to make those pumpkin pies soon here, right? So add a little extra flavor by adding a bit of maple syrup. Decrease the sugar by just a couple tablespoons to make the substitution, but the complexity of the flavors will be a new hit!
  • Try these great recipes from the American Pie Council.
  • Or, here’s a simple recipe for Ice Cream Sundae Pie:

Bake and cool your pie crust (or use a graham cracker crust). Fill with slightly softened ice cream, higher in the center. Fruit ice cream, chocolate, spiced, or cookie ice cream works well. Freeze the pie until solid and wrap for up to a week. Let stand at room temperature for 10 minutes or so, then cut into it. You can drizzle a fresh topping such as caramel, hot fudge sauce, fruit, or M & M’s onto the pie, or make a sundae self-serve buffet where everyone gets to choose their own toppings.




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17 12 2010
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