Pie: Serving

29 10 2010

And now, for the very best part… serve up that delicious pie and… oh yes, enjoy!

  • When garnishing the top of your pie (fruit, leaves, chocolate curls, etc.), place them in between cuts so you won’t have to squash or remove them upon serving.
  • Refrigerate custard pies after cooling.
  • When cutting creamy pies, wipe the blade after each cut with a damp towel or spray with oil or butter.
  • When baking a fruit pie, add 1 egg white, folded in gently just before filling to firm up your fruit or stir in a tablespoon of tapioca. These will both thicken and absorb some of the juices.
  • Cover fruit pies with aluminum and store at room temperature.
  • To return it to that just baked feel, reheat it at 300 for 10-15 minutes just before serving.
  • Consume pies within 3 days (as if this is a problem) to enjoy them at their freshest.




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