Pie: Rolling Out

29 10 2010

Once you’ve got your pie crust mixture, and it’s chilled for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator, let it stand at room temperature just long enough for it to be pliable again to work with. Now, you’re ready to roll out that dough!

  • Use a large board and a heavy rolling pin. If you happen to have marble, this works the best, but whatever you’re using (wood, acrylic, or marble), make sure it’s lightly dusted. I like to use cornstarch as it doesn’t give that aftertaste on the flour, and seems to be less “dusty” when you’re ready to clean up. But either is just fine.
  • To make your dough easier to work with, take out that frustration by whacking your disk of dough a couple times to make ridges. Then just use one of your ridges to start in. Roll and turn after each roll of your pin.
  • Continue from the center outward until your crust is large enough (usually you’ll need about 3 inches larger than the pan’s diameter.
  • Use your metal spatula to loosen the dough’s edge from your counter or board.
  • To further speed up cleanup, roll out your dough on waxed paper. Now, cleanup is a breeze, as all you have to do is throw away!
  • If you like the look of a classic lattice pie, use your pizza cutter now to cut strips.

Now, all that’s left to prepare is to form the crust into your pan…




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