Sweet Pete’s All Natural Sweets

27 10 2010

Are you a Chocoholic? Or maybe you have an insatiable sweet tooth like me for all things gummy.   Gummy bears, gummy worms. Perhaps you like ice cream, or even cotton candy, jelly beans, lollipops, candy canes at Christmas, and chocolate covered everything?  I think that pretty much covers everyone! Luckily all of these delicious item can be found at a new all natural candy store, Sweet Pete’s, in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Sweet Pete’s is the love child of Allison and Peter Behringer, formerly of Peterbrooke Chocolatiers.  Armed with a spatula and marble slab this creative pair opened Sweet Pete’s back in July of this year in the historic Springfield area.  Renovating a beautiful old home to showcase their creations in an anything but average retail space includes options for demonstrations and party areas. Knowing no strangers, Allison and Pete will win you over, but it is the all natural and perfectly paired ingredients that will keep you coming back.  Cayenne pepper, and chai tea are just two of their ingenious ingredients. 

Allison and Pete, hats off to you!!! It is a joy to see individuals do what they love, and do it well.  Plus, they get an extra gold star as their shop front is located in area seeing a rebirth of business and restoration of old homes. 




2 responses

10 11 2010
Allison Behringer

Thank you! I love the pics.

21 09 2011

Becks –

Just remembered you did this article… I came across a website that directed me that they sold Champagne suckers!

I’m going to have to visit this place when I’m in town in APRIL!!!

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