Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon

25 10 2010

Who? Minnie Pearl.

That’s right. You know and love her as the country comedienne who appeared for years on the Grand Ole Opry, and more importantly, with that ever-present tag on her hat. My first memory of Miss Minnie Pearl is as a child, growing up in Nashville, watching her on Hee Haw and the GOO.

Seems every Southerner immediately recognizes Minnie Pearl.

You see, Minnie was born in Tennessee, schooled at the prestigious Ward-Belmont college for young ladies, where she majored in theater and dance. She produced and directed plays with her troupe, based in Georgia, and traveled throughout the southeast. It was during this time, she developed the character we all know and love that is Minnie Pearl. Based on this southern “mountain” woman, she was invited to appear at the Grand Ole Opry and the rest is history. She appeared at the GOO for over 50 years. 

Though we all know, Ms. “Pearl” is poking slight fun at our “hillbilly” cousins (and really, our culture itself), we don’t seem to mind so much. She does it with such warmth and affection for the South, we know she’s one of us.

So today, on the anniversary of her birth, let’s all give her a collective “How-w-w-DEE-E-E-E!” in our hearts.




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