The Colors of Fall

6 10 2010

Break room or lunchtime conversation is bound to include someone’s upcoming trip to see the change of fall.  It is a time characterized by blue skies, white puffy clouds, cool breezes and of course, the show stopper, the leaves.  Magenta, gold, burnt yellow, and candy apple red are all some of the glorious colors we see and for some reason I always imagine them to be little crowns adorning the tree. 

While we do not see the leaves change too much in Florida, most southerners can look out their window to experience this change of seasons or visit areas known for such splendor. 

Easter Tennessee and Western North Carolina are two very big destinations to see the leaves change.   In early October the mountain tops (elevations exceeding 4500 feet) already display the change of color, and it descends down the mountain in full splendor by mid to late October.   Of course, we all recognize the proud maple tree, but the sycamore, poplars, sweet birch, sourwood, oak, American ash, and dogwood trees all change their colors as well and provide us with great beauty. 

2010 is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and this is also one of the best stretches of road to catch the change of the leaves.  High up in the mountains the view is spectacular.  All you need is a picnic, a jacket, and a few hours to soak up the glory of fall. 

Keep us posted on your trips to see the leaves change!




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