Distinctively Southern: Bowties

6 10 2010

Classic Bowtie from Brooks Brothers

It’s no secret I love a man in a bowtie, but technically, we Southerners don’t have a monopoly on snazzy dressers. Still, there is something distinctively Southern about a man in a bowtie. So today, we start a new, very loose new series of posts on those things that are just “distinctively” Southern — we didn’t invent them, aren’t the only area of the country with access, but we sure do ’em best!

There are several styles of bowties. We’ll choose to ignore the clip on for our Southern purposes, because really, in a Southern man’s closet, it just shouldn’t exist. Aside from those unmentionables, there is the butterfly (sometimes known as a “thistle”) and the bat wing. The butterfly is the thicker, more popular, though the bat wing is coming into vogue lately. Where would you wear one, you say? Well, to anywhere you might sport a tie — on a dinner date, to church, a party. Trust us, anyone who jabs you about sporting one is secretly jealous he had the confidence to pull it off himself.

Now, for the trickiest part of owning a bowtie, tieing the bowtie. Never fear, for it’s not nearly as hard as it sounds, and gentlemen, if you just can’t manage it, ask a lady nearby. No doubt her fingers are more nimble, perspective facing the tie more advantageous, and willingness to do something so near to your person, desirable. Trust us, she won’t mind.

Perfect for a fall accessory, call bowtie wearers preps, tweedy intellectual, haberdash — call them whatever you like, but there’s no denying Southern men look great in bowties. So, perhaps next time you want to get your honey, dad, or yourself something a little Southern special, think bowties! Some of our favorite sources are Brooks Brothers, Southern Proper, and GravesCox, though they can be found in many department stores as well.

consummate Southerner, Mark Twain in a bowtie -- image from Life magazine




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6 10 2010

Two more great sources for bow ties are bowtie.com and http://www.bowtieclub.com

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