A New Month, a Birthday, and a Long Lost Blogger

4 10 2010

Well, hey, y’all! It’s Ginger back here after a month of company and traveling, so I do hope you’ll forgive the sporadic, and all too few posts from my corner of the world. The good news is… I was traveling in my beloved South. Yes, I’ve been home to the promised land, Kentucky, refreshed my accent, ordered sweet tea with every meal, seen my family, eaten Chick-fil-a as many times as I could talk other folks into it.

It’s a new month. Can y’all believe it’s October? One of my favorite months, it means football is in full swing, you’ve got to check the weather to see whether to throw on shorts or sweaters, basketball is right around the corner, and… it’s my beloved honey’s birthday. Today, my dear husband celebrates his arrival into the world, and I’m so glad he arrived! I love him to pieces, couldn’t do what I do, and wouldn’t be half of who I am without him. I love that he loves history, Americabluegrass music, Elvis, bowties, bacon, fine dining, and Southern folks, just like me!

See you tonight, Human (my strange “pet name” for him)! We’ll eat apple pie and walk around the farmer’s market.

Our favorite band at the Pacific Grove Farmer's Market

And we’ll see you, readers, back the rest of this week for some posts on history, bowties, fine dining, and bacon, in honor of dear husband’s favorite things!




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