Pairing Food with Bourbon

29 09 2010

The caramel, vanilla, and oak flavors that often embody bourbon pair well with many foods. 

After a little internet research, and a selection of my favorite options, we paired the bourbon with dark chocolate, fresh South Carolina peaches, wheat toast points, smoked gouda cheese, Bartlett pears, and a thick cut of bacon.  Amazingly, each selection brought out a different and somewhat exciting pairing with the bourbon.  The bacon, gouda and peaches and pears were the hands down favorites, but I must say spending time with the people you love by engaging in an activity that is new and exciting is so worth the experience. 

Some other foods that you might consider when serving bourbon are any salty hams, such as a country ham, or prosciutto, cornbread, sugar coated pecans, apple pie, and smoked shellfish (maybe even wrapped in bacon). 

I hope this will encourage you to host your own bourbon tasting. 

Bourbon recipes coming this week!




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30 09 2010
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