Tuesday Tip: Cooking

28 09 2010

Southerners are Food Lovers. So when you’re cooking, here are a few things to make your life a little easier.

  • Cook once; eat twice. Grill extra meat, fish, or vegetables when you’re making one meal. Toss it in the fridge and you’ve got half the battle one the next day. Just disguise it in another way, and voila… now you’ve got sandwiches, pasta, stir fry, salads, whatever your imagination can think of!
  • To keep those pots from boiling over the side, place a toothpick between the pot and the cover. This give a tiny outlet that also works great for casserole dishes in the oven.
  • Rub oil around the inside of the top of the pot when you’re boiling for custards, milk, pasta, and such to prevent boilovers.
  • Place three marbles in the bottom of the pan when you’re using a double boiler. These will alert you by rattling when the water gets too low, and save your pan from scorching.
  • When cooking those tell-tale odorous dishes such as broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts, toss a few thick chunks of bread into the water. The heartier the bread (think ryes and the like), the less likely it is to dissolve on you, making it harder to remove, but any style bread will work. Who knows why this works, but it does? (Sharon Herbst claims it’s because of the sweetness of the breads. She also claims a couple of slices red bell pepper does the same.) Just don’t forget to remove your bread or pepper before serving.
  • Drape a cloth dampened with half water, half vinegar over the cooking pot (make sure those edges are well away from your heat!) to keep odors down as well.
  • Reheat frozen foods over low heat, adding just enough water to your soup, sauce, stews to cover the bottom of your pan, then cover and cook. Stir and break up the food as it defrosts often. Once unfrozen, turn that heat up to medium and heat through.
  • Turn off your burner before even removing a pan from the stove. This will make sure you never accidentally leave a burner on.
  • Make sure your oven mitts are dry before handling your hot dishes. Wet material lets heat through and could burn you!

Now, I’m hungry. How about you? Let’s get to it, and go make something delicious!




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