Finian’s Rainbow

27 09 2010


I’m gonna let y’all in on a little secret that I’m not sure I’ve shared here before. I love Broadway. It’s not very Southernly of me, I know, but I do. Musicals especially. I’ve got more showtunes albums than I know what to do with (much to husband’s chagrin on roadtrips), and if I had to live anywhere else besides the South, it’d probably be right there in New York City, just for this very reason.

That being said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to a great Broadway classic, Finian’s Rainbow, and only just recently realized just how Southern it is. The whole plot centers around Finian, who moves to the fictional Missitucky (a combo of Mississippi and Kentucky) from Ireland. The marriage of Irish music with bluegrass, gospel, rhythm & blues is fantastic.

It’s filled with humor, romance, satire. The bad guys get their due, and all ends happily. It’s my kind of play. While it’s had many Broadway revivals since 1947 (it’s most recent closing just in January of this year), if you’ve never had the privilege to see this show, Francis Ford Coppola made a film adaptation in the 1960’s staring Fred Astaire.

Entertainment. Culture. Southern. How much better can you get?




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27 09 2010

Oh! Will you get me the soundtrack for Christmas?

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