Tuesday Tip: Seasoning

21 09 2010

We Southerners know a thing or two about how to season food. Just for a few little refreshers to make it easy, delicious, and interesting, here are your Tuesday Tips:

  • Remember to taste each dish, and each part of each dish (fillings, sauces, etc.) as you cook, so you can monitor what that finished product will taste like!
  • Chilled food has a more muted flavor, so when you serve salads, gazpacho, and so forth, be sure to taste them right before they go on the table, to ensure the right taste you were going for. Adjust if necessary.
  • Add a little balsamic vinegar to a dish that might taste a little “flat.” One or two teaspoons will give it that extra something.
  • If a dish is supposed to be savory, but turns out a little sweet, vinegar will also do the trick (salad dressings, vegetables, stuffing, etc.).
  • Borrow a little ethic flavor from your inspired dish. For a Greek flavor, try cloves, dill, fennel, mint. For a little Mexican spice, add cayenne, chile pepper, cilantro, onions, paprika, or even a little cocoa powder. A little Caribbean flair is what you’re after? Toss in coconut, lime juice, turmeric. Think Thai; think basil, curry, lemongrass. Italians love basil, fennel, garlic, onion, oregano, and tomatoes, of course. Or go far East by tossing in some fresh ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce, miso, scallions, plum, wasabi.

What other seasoning secrets do you have?




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