Season Love: Fall

20 09 2010

Can you feel it, that subtle change in the air? While still blowing hot, lightness, perhaps even crispness now exists in the wind, and even smells different.  I believe it is the fall season in our sights. 

Fall in the south is a welcome reprieve from the hazy days of summer that beat us down and makes us lazy.  It is a time to say hello to a season full of exciting fruits and vegetables, it is a time for canning in preparation for winter, a time when college football reigns and when leaves change their colors and become majestic crowns.  The days are shorter and shadows longer.  Sweaters are pulled out and shorts put away.  It is a time to cherish as children start school, and knock on neighbor’s doors in search of Halloween candy.  Fall is a time to sit by the camp fire, feast on chocolate, gram crackers and marshmallows and snuggle up in a sleeping bag.  Fall is a time to be thankful for all things, including the moments of joy and times of adversity. 

Fall, like every season is a time to live, and rejoice for your moments in this world. 

We look forward to enjoying fall.  What about you?




2 responses

20 09 2010
Suwannee Refugee

In Central Florida, I’m torn whether fall or spring is better. Spring brings warmer weather and Spring Training baseball. Fall brings cooler weather and football. Tough decision, but I’m going with Fall.

21 09 2010

Hi there. Headed to Orlando on Friday and Saturday. Any suggestions on things to do this weekend? Need me to drop off any honey?

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