Watching the World Go By

15 09 2010

When I think of fall, I am instantly transported to a scene of the Andy Griffith Show and Aunt Bee sitting on the porch watching the world go by.  Children playing hop scotch, a whistling mail carrier, a small dog with a bone skipping down the street, a conversation with the neighbor and a pitcher of sweet tea are all things Aunt Bee might enjoy on an average day.

The south is full of real life scenes with similar Aunt Bee characters, rocking or swinging on the front porch.  I guess I associate rocking chairs and fall because I assume that absolutely no one could possibly sit outside on the porch until the weather is friendly. 

A family friend with a rather large piece of property and a great garden told me that one of her favorite things to do is take a seat on the porch in the rocking chair, and snap peas.  That sounds heavenly to me.  Sometimes we all need a little bit of quiet, and engage ourselves in something where we can run away with our thoughts. 

This fall, I look forward to doing my fair share of sitting on the porch, rocking in my chair and watching the world go by.




2 responses

15 09 2010
Suwannee Refugee

I don’t seem to find a good place to sit in a rocking chair in Florida, but every time I’m in the mountains I can’t help but sit in a rocking chair.

15 09 2010

It is true. Sometimes Florida can be a little hot. We always sit in the rocking chairs on Halloween, on cool nights when there is actually a breeze and when the mosquitoes have finally died off.

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