Tuesday Tip: Preparing to Cook

14 09 2010

Half of the cooking is in the preparation. The other half, in the eating, of course. So before we get to the good parts, let’s talk a little about getting yourself ready for the eating part!

  • Start each meal by beginning preparation on the dish that takes the longest. It can start cooking while you prepare the others.
  • Wear disposable latex gloves if you’re dealing with foods that can stain (beets) or hot oils (chiles), or even if you don’t care for that lingering garlic or onion smell. You can find these at lots of supermarkets, or your local drugstore. Run out? Cover those hands in vegetable oil, then wash off when you’re through. (It’ll make ’em baby soft too!)
  • Spray your kitchen utensils when you’re stirring a sticky mixture. Be sure to do it over the sink so you don’t get oil on your floor.
  • Dampen a kitchen towel to set your mixing bowl on when stirring or beating to keep it from sliding around.
  • Fill a small, clean spray bottle with oil to spray, instead of brush breads and meats when it calls for it. It’s super easy, one less thing to clean, and it uses less oil!
  • Wash your dishes thoroughly that you’ve used to set raw meat on. Don’t put your cooked foods on before washing the counter or plate or you’ll transfer the bacteria to the cooked foods.



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