College Week: Rhodes College

30 08 2010


Located near downtown Memphis in the heart of a gorgeous historic neighborhood, Rhodes College is the ideal place to live and learn. Surrounded by beautiful trees and buildings, it is one of the most majestic campuses in the South. More than a dozen of its buildings are even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Founded in 1848 by the freemasons, Rhodes is a private liberal arts college with approximately 1,700 students. As many Southern schools have religious affiliations, Rhodes is rooted in the Presbyterian church and therefore has had a rich history of theology students but now, many of its student population is in law, business, and medicine, though it offers close to 30 majors to choose from.

Not only has Rhodes been an academic home to such notable alumni such as Dixie Carter and John H. Bryan, but it has also seen faculty as illustrious as Olympic Gold Medalist Dave Wottle and Robert Wright Penn, author and Pulitzer Prize winner for All the King’s Men.

Rhodes turns out graduates that are not only capable of thinking, but also serving. Nearly all of Rhodes students participate in activities that serve socially and culturally in Memphis and the surrounding communities. Memphis area elementary students might be familiar with one of Rhodes most popular traditions, Rites to Play, a carnival on campus, put on by students. Rhodes students plan and organize this event, working with local business sponsors and surrounding schools each year.

Rhodes students certainly live out the motto of “Truth, Loyalty, Service.”




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