College Week: Judson College

24 08 2010


When I was a young, bright-eyed girl just starting to look at universities, I had a wonderful college guidance counselor named Mrs. Jonakin. She had attended Judson College in Marion, Alabama and encouraged me to consider it as well. Though it turned out not to be the place for me, I was drawn in by the charm of this small Southern university, located in the heart of Alabama.

Judson is an all women’s school, and something about that old Mona Lisa Smile version of college was tempting. Like one big sorority, Judson is one of the oldest women’s colleges, founded in 1838.

But lest you think these ladies don’t often get the pleasure of the company of young men, the college is located directly across from the Marion Military Institute and partners with the men there for picnics, plays, and dances. I can just imagine the young ladies getting all dressed up and enjoying the pleasant company of sharply dressed coeds.

This academic gem is one of the South’s great educational treasures. It’s colleges like these that let us know our history and heritage will live on in the hearts of women (and men) for generations, as it has in generations past.




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