College Week: University of the South: Sewanee

23 08 2010

No, it’s not time for Jeopardy, but it is College Week here on Sweet Iced Tea! Even though we’re still enjoying summer, we are, in fact, staring into the face of fall. And nothing says fall to me like school.

Tweedy professors, reading lists, I’m one of those strange souls who actually loves school, and have been mourning the end since graduation. I recently spent some time digitizing my life by scanning in all old prints of pictures taken with film onto my computer, and looking at all those memories made me a bit nostalgic for the days of tiny dorms, cafeteria food, lecture halls, staying up all night talking with roommates.

As the weather cools, I start wanting to take trips to the office supply store for a batch of freshly sharpened pencils and scotch tape. We’re all familiar with the large state schools and enjoy watching their football games every Saturday, but there are a host of smaller schools that just ooze Southern charm.

First on my list is a school I have fond ties to, since a dear friend of mine is an alum, and speaks ever so highly of Sewanee. In fact, this school is so southern, it’s actually officially titled Sewanee: The University of the South.

Located in the Cumberland mountains area of Tennessee, one of the things I love most about Sewanee is how most of the students adhere to the traditional Southern custom of dressing up on campus. You’ll most likely see far less sweatsuits and ball caps in favor of ties and skirts. And faculty members wear academic gowns to teach class. Sewanee is rich with history, its first convocation held in 1868, and roots to the Episcopal church.

Perhaps Sewanee is best known for its strong literary heritage, including the founding of The Sewanee Review, the country’s oldest-running literary magazine. But in addition to a prominent academic tradition, Sewanee has a healthy athletic heritage as well. They were members of the SEC conference until 1940 and still enjoy a successful athletic program.

I love to journey to parts of the South with beautiful colleges. Not only are they built in some of the most beautiful parts of our south, but most of these cities also have a vibrant city culture due to university students. And the campus, called The Domain, houses many beautiful historic buildings to see. If you’re making a journey sometime in the near future, whether it’s for a prospective school visit, or just passing through for pleasure, plan on going during December, when you can take part in a wonderful campus tradition — the Festival of Lessons and Carols.

Located between Nashville and Chattanooga, Sewanee is truly in the heart of the South, so plan to pass through campus if you ever get the chance, or encourage the young person in your life to take a look at this school as they are considering their plans for higher education.




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