End of Summer To Do List

21 08 2010

Today marks the one month and counting point until summer is officially over. While so many are already looking forward to fall (and the coolness that brings), it will be here soon enough, so I say we squeeze every bit of life out of summer we can while it’s still here. Who’s with me?

Here’s a list that we may all have made mental note of to do at the beginning of summer, when the long, leisurely days seemed to loom ahead with no end in sight, but now that those long days are quickly fading, how many of these have we actually enjoyed? What fun “to dos” are still on your list?

Here are our top 10 things to do before the summer ends.

  1. Catch fireflies. There’s nothing like a jar of glowing fireflies on the bedside table to lull a tired wee one to sleep at night. Don’t forget to poke tiny holes, so they can breathe!
  2. Go on one last road trip. There are plenty of suggestions for locations nearby your Southern state, or just visit some of the sights in your own city – museums, parks, local theaters. But you’ve just gotta break out the Hawaiian shirt and camera one last time and be that tacky tourist.
  3. Make homemade ice cream or popsicles. Nothing like something sweet, sticky, and cold running down your chinny chin chin to make it feel like it’s still summer.
  4. Finish all those summer projects you started. Get yourself to your local hardware store, and finish staining the deck, stripping that dresser you found at the second-hand store, or drywalling the basement. Just do it already! I mean really, who wants to spend Saturday at Home Depot once football season starts?
  5. Set up a lemonade stand. Even if you don’t make your fortune selling nickel cups of fresh-squeezed lemonade, it’s fun serving the cool, tart beverage to your friends and neighbors.
  6. Drive-in movie. If you’re lucky enough to still have one of these old vestiges nearby, get yourself immediately to a drive-in movie. You can bring your own snacks, get your whole family in for one price of admission, and pretend you’ve warped back in time to the sock hop days.
  7. Find a local farm and pick your own berries. I hear cobbler calling!
  8. Roast s’mores. Summer isn’t summer until you’ve toasted some gooey marshmallows over a bonfire (or at least your gas stove).
  9. Send those wedding presents out from the weddings you’ve attended. If you’ve managed to accidentally overlook to send a present to a happy couple whose wedding you’ve attended this summer, this is the perfect time. Etiquette says you have six months to send gifts, but it’s really never too late. I’ll promise you some of my favorite gifts I received were months after my ceremony. There’s nothing arriving home on a random Tuesday to find a gift celebrating your marriage!
  10. Pack a basket full of bread, fruit, and cheeses. Throw in a couple bottles of sparkling water, a blanket, and find a grassy spot for a nice picnic.

Relax and say goodbye to summer with your good friends, and a little bit of sun-kissed nose. But don’t mourn. It’ll be back again before we know it!




5 responses

22 08 2010
Suwannee Refugee

I saw a June Bug yesterday which was a nice summer sight. When I was little, we used to tie a string on the back legs of these beetles and watch them fly about.

23 08 2010

hmmm…That is strange, and funny all at the same time. I guess it isn’t stranger than me pinching off the butts of lightning bugs and putting them on my ears for earrings. It is pretty gross to think about that now.

22 08 2010
End of Summer To Do List: Part II « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] just couldn’t leave it at only ten summer “to dos” yesterday. There’s still so much to squeeze in before school starts (or some have already begun… […]

23 08 2010

That’s funny… we used to do the same things, in both cases. Only instead of earrings, we drew pictures on trees. Cruel little children, weren’t we all?

23 08 2010
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[…] Jeopardy, but it is College Week here on Sweet Iced Tea! Even though we’re still enjoying summer, we are, in fact, staring into the face of fall. And nothing says fall to me like […]

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