Girl Trouble

17 08 2010

We continue our summer short story suggestions today with Girl Trouble. (I hope you’ll forgive the short pause in the short story posts. Our internet went out last week, and it’s sad how crippled my life was without it!)

Girl Trouble is one of those few books I honestly cannot remember how I stumbled across, but it no doubt had to do with the fact that the author, Holly Goddard Jones, is a Kentucky native. The inspiration of living in the South inspired her stories that have appeared The Southern Review, Epoch, and Best American Mystery Stories. And she currently lives in North Carolina and teaches at UNC.

I won’t lead you to believe this is a light, uplifting collection, but these gritty stories will certainly leave you thinking, impacted, and reflective. Elements of the South abound, in the good and the bad.




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20 08 2010
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