Formula L Southern Biscuit Mix

17 08 2010

What is it about a biscuit that is so comforting? I do not eat them very often, but when I do, it is a meal to be savored. For years now my boyfriend and I have debated over which fast food chain has the breakfast biscuit.  I will swear by Hardees biscuits until I die, but he thinks that Chik-fil-A has the market.  Since Hardees is hard to find in our area anymore, Chik-fil-A often wins. 

On vacation, we are able to skip the fast food and make biscuits using Formula L, Southern Biscuit Mix.  Until a recent internet search we thought it only existed in the grocery stores up in North Carolina, but evidently you can also find them at Walmart.  Everything you need is in one mix, only milk or buttermilk is the required addition, and voila, biscuits!!  These are a thousands times better than the pop top biscuits or the pre-made variety. 

We add a little country ham and a bit of creole mustard (or mayo) to make a meal that will stick with you all day.




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17 08 2010
Suwannee Refugee

Bojangles has a pretty good biscuit.

17 08 2010

I can honestly say that I have never ordered anything from Bojangles. I will have to try!

10 09 2010
Callie’s Charleston Biscuits « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] better, or more Southern, than biscuits? Ever since I saw Becky’s post last month for Formula L Souther Biscuit Mix, I’ve been thinking about how much I love biscuits. I can’t find the mix here, or good […]

26 05 2011
brenda lowe stewart

I have had my grocer order Formula L for me several times. It is so much easier than any biscuit I’ve ever made! My family loves my bsq. and I am always called to bring them to church functions. I use whatever liquid I have available. Sour cream seems to make the lightest bread. I have used buttermilk, clabbered milk, and heavy cream they are all superb. I use a small cutter (heart shaped,etc,) and serve them with country ham for brunch or just for supper. How can I order a case? I like the batter wet and add flour as needed. Lots of ways to use this. I LOVE IT! It’s all I use.

27 05 2011

I would love to get that recipe from you! Are you wiling to share?! 🙂

26 05 2011
b l stewart

In response to the Bojangles bisq. They can’t touch Formula L.

16 12 2011
Delores Williams

I found out about Southern Biscuit mix from my sisters in North Carolina. I had to order it from the company for 23.00 foe 3 bags. I found out Walmart would order it for me, but they put it on the shelf because they wouldn’t let me pay first. I got 7 of the 10 bags at about 2.88 each. We tried to find it in
western N.C. on vacation in Walmart last October but were unable to find the Formula L. They did have Southern Biscuit mix flour though. The Formula L is one of the best things we’ve found. We love it, especially the cheese biscuits I make………Biscuit lover, Ms. D Alabama

14 05 2012
Joyce Richardson

I am looking for it also and am thinking about getting it from the company. The stores that used to carry it don’t have it anymore. All they have is the plain flour and not the biscut mix. Makes me very sad.

15 05 2012

I wonder why the stores don’t sell it anymore? Perhaps all of the other brands are just too visible? It makes me sad as well.

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