Tuesday Tip: Old + Low Mileage = O.K.

10 08 2010

Image from Flickr

If you’re in the market to buy a car, purchasing used can save you a lot of money, as a great deal of the value diminishes the moment you drive off the lot.

But, how to know you’re not getting a “lemon”? Look for one with low mileage. The older the car, the less cash you’ll be out, but those with low mileage are the choice finds. An old car with lower mileage shows its true use to be less than its age would show.

A car that’s been properly maintained with 50,000 miles on it is likely to last just as long whether its 3 years old or 10 years old. The 10-year old car, however, will cost much less.




One response

11 08 2010

Remember low mileage but older car can still lead to a lot of problems like older cracking drive belts, also remember people put on about 15,000 miles a year on a car so try to keep that in mind when buy pre-owned. And always read reviews see what other issues others are having and see if those are worth it to you. I work at a car dealership in service so I know what to look for 🙂

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